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Marketing in the Mobile Business Revolution

Businesses are going tiny! The adage “back to basics” has not been lost in the business community. For many would-be business owners, the reality of renting a building, hiring staff, stocking inventory, and managing daily business expenses is simply not feasible.

Enter mobile businesses. While most are familiar with the food truck boom starting around 2008, many less obvious industries have also entered the “tiny” space, such as mobile barber shops, farmers markets, clothing boutiques, bookstores, dog groomers and beauty salons.

2019-03-19 00:37:00

Getting the Most from Your Flags

Now that you have bold new marketing flags, you owe it to yourself to keep them in pristine condition. Here's our owners guide to keeping those flags looking like new:

2019-03-05 02:22:00

Half-Staff Flag Guide

There are five official days marked by presidential proclamation that we honor annually as days of remembrance. On each of these days it is appropriate to lower your flags to half-staff as a sign of respect and mourning. Use this handy list to mark your calendars for adherence to half-staff days.

2019-03-01 02:25:00