Solar Powered Flagpole Light

Put a spotlight on your flags, signage or walkways!
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  • Solar panel powered light recharges itself.
  • 2 brightness modes allowing up to 10 hours of light.
  • 3 installation options - mount to a pole, on a wall or in the ground.
  • Long Illumination Range reaches up to 40 feet.
Only $79.00 each

This heavy-duty all weather Solar Light is the perfect way to highlight a flag, signage or pathway at night. Handy 3-in-1 design allows for pole, ground or wall mounting and is easy to install no matter which option you choose.

Light has a built in 4000mAh battery with 36 individual bulbs that emit a super bright burst of light that will be noticed from down the street. Light comes with two different brightness modes that you can easily switch between with the on/off button. Get 8 hours of light on high mode or 10 hours on low mode.

Both the light and the solar panel are adjustable and can be pivoted to ensure you're capturing sunlight from the correct direction and are able to shine the spot light accordingly. Large surface area of the solar panel allows for thorough day time charging to keep your light lit up all night long. 

Solar Light works best with poles that are between 15 and 25 feet tall and have a pole diameter of 1.4" to 3". Comes with heavy-duty bolts, nuts and washers to attach to any pole, along with 2 durable stakes for ground use and screws with plastic anchors for wall mounting. Depending on the type of surface you're mounting to additional hardware may be required.



  • Waterproof all-weather materials
  • 10 - 12 meters (32.8 - 39.4 feet)
  • 15-25' poles with a 1.4-3" diameter
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