Caring for Your Flagscaring for your flag

Our seasonal flags make a great addition to your marketing arsenal and are long-lasting when properly maintained. Here's some basic tips to help you extend the life of your flags and get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Bring your flag indoors if you are experiencing inclement weather. Your flag is intended for outdoor use, however, to prevent rips, snags and tears avoid heay winds and rains. 
  2. when not in use, fold your flags and store on a flat surface to prevent wrinkles. 
  3. Hand wash your flag in cold water with a mild soap to eliminate stains. If you have a multicolored flag, quickly wash and remove from water to prevent the colors from bleeding. 
  4. Wrinkles will relax once your flag is unpacked and hung. Do not apply heat to your flag (iron, dryer, or otherwise) as this may cause damage. 
  5. If you live in a coastal area, consider purchasing one of our rust resistant aluminum poles.